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If you love filling your home with plants, our Monthly Plant Delivery subscription is perfect for you! It also makes a wonderful birthday gift for the plant lovers in your life. 

We will send out a monthly email before the delivery date, so you can choose the exact plant you'd like delivered that month. Or, we can choose for you and make it a surprise.

With each delivery, you will receive one potted houseplant (either of your choice or a "wild card" selection, as mentioned above). Your new plant will come with detailed care instructions to ensure it lives a long, healthy life. Your plant will be delivered in a ceramic container.

Our monthly emails will include information on plant container options, pet-friendly plant types, sunlight requirements and size dimensions of our available plants.

This is $30 billed monthly. Delivery and service fees are included in that monthly payment. We only deliver to Colonia, Rahway and Clark, NJ. If you live outside of these towns and are interested in subscribing, please contact us by phone (732-382-5253) or email (LakeFlowersNJ@gmail.com).

Ready to sign up for our Monthly Plant Delivery subscription? 

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Plant Selection Designer's Choice in Colonia, NJ | LAKE FLOWERS
Plant Selection
Designer's Choice
Surprise all your plant-loving friends with this Designer’s Choice just because! Send them a beautiful plant that’s made perfectly for them by our expert florists. We know the perfect plant to prepare that your friends are sure to love. Surprise them today!
Shown at $70.00
Shown at $70.00
Blooming Peace Lily House Plant in Colonia, NJ | LAKE FLOWERS
Blooming Peace Lily
House Plant
Bring peace and harmony to any space with the Peace Lily Plant. These plants are perfect for any space since they thrive in shady areas and can tolerate fluorescent lights. Great for experienced or newbie plant owners, you can give this plant as a gift to convey hope and love. Please note that this plant is toxic to pets.
Shown at $55.00
Shown at $55.00
ZZ PLANT $75.00
Fiddle Leaf Fig House Plant in Colonia, NJ | LAKE FLOWERS
Fiddle Leaf Fig
House Plant
This stunning plant makes the perfect addition to any room! The Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow as tall as 6ft tall. With lots of water and indirect sunlight, this plant is sure to add a tropical feel to any room. Please note this plant is toxic to animals.
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00
Plant Special Designer's Choice in Colonia, NJ | LAKE FLOWERS
Plant Special
Designer's Choice
Capture the beauty of nature with a stunning fresh plant presented by our expert florists! We’ve picked the perfect plant for you. You don’t need an excuse to take it home—its liveliness is enough! Brighten up your home with our Plant Special today!
Shown at $45.00
Shown at $45.00